You know it, we know it, everyone knows it – apartment amenities can make or break a community. After all, why would you choose to live in a home where you have to sacrifice what is important to you? At Cyrene Apartments, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to knowing what Seattle renters want and need. We work hard to set ourselves apart and curate a living experience that you can’t find anywhere else. How do we do this? Let us show you!

Thoughtful Living

Thoughtful Living is not just a philosophy; it’s an actual way of being. As a resident of our downtown Seattle apartments, you’re not overwhelmed with crazy apartment amenities that don’t really satisfy your wants or needs. Sure, a bowling alley might have the wow factor, but is it something you can’t live without? Our guess is probably not. Excessiveness is not purposeful. At Cyrene, we make sure every inch of our community – from details of the finishes to how you’re able to connect to your neighbors – promotes a balanced lifestyle. We cut out the superfluous and focus on the actual wants and needs that help you live at your best!

Rooftop Terraces

Rooftop Terraces

For many, rooftop spaces double as a want and need. When you live downtown, you experience an amazing, dynamic culture, but an intermittent timeout from all the skyscrapers and bustle can be important. Our apartment amenities include a rooftop terrace furnished with seating and cabanas for unwinding and enjoying awesome views of the Puget Sound and the Olympics. Fireplaces and heaters are included as well so there’s comfort all year long. Also, there’s a dog run! Yes, we made sure our downtown Seattle apartments accommodate furry friends as well!

The Cyrene Apartments Fitness Center & Yoga Studio

Cyrene Apartments Fitness Center & Yoga Studio

It’s safe to say that healthy living is definitely a need. It’s why so many people give their hard-earned dollars to gyms every month and, truthfully speaking, it’s why numerous communities include fitness centers in their apartment amenities. But, not all spaces are created equal. Most don’t provide the room or tools necessary for an effective, everyday workout. At Cyrene, our Fitness Center & Yoga Studio is spacious and equipped with high-end machines that you would find in a gym. You work out when and how you want, in the comfort of your own community.

Extra Storage

Do you have things that you can’t bring yourself to part with? We totally understand. And, we would never want you to pay tons of money to an offsite storage facility or compromise your living space to find a spot for your precious belongings. Because of this, secured resident storage is one of our apartment amenities. Depending on the unit chosen, the monthly cost runs between $35 and $50.

Rooftop Clubroom

Rooftop Clubroom

Bet you weren’t expecting that any downtown Seattle apartments would have more than one rooftop amenity! If you’re like countless other apartment hunters, you want space for entertaining your friends and family. Cyrene Apartments does have spacious floor plans that make this possible, but we still felt like we should do more. Enter our rooftop clubroom! Here, your guests can enjoy a fireplace, bar, theater room, pool table and lounge. And, of course, there’s a chef’s kitchen and dining area to keep everyone fed and happy!

Lounge Areas

Lounge Areas

If you ever feel like you need a change of scenery, but you don’t want to go too far from home, our downtown Seattle apartments have not one, but three different lounge areas to choose from. You can work, relax, catch up with your neighbors and watch some TV. Or, just stop in and help yourself to a cup of joe at the coffee bar.


In a city like Seattle, parking is not always on the top of everyone’s must-have apartment amenities list, but those who need it, really need it. For this reason, Cyrene has 120 parking spaces available and five stations for charging up electric vehicles.

As you can see, we’re not in the business of loading up residents with a bunch of extravagant apartment amenities that don’t really serve a purpose. We want to solve problems, not create them! We always make sure to abide by the Thoughtful Living philosophy, which means there’s a significant amount of time and effort put into fostering a community that balances your actual wants and needs. You have the freedom to live the lifestyle that’s right for you!

Come join us in living thoughtfully! Contact Cyrene!