The Seattle Waterfront is something we love to talk about and it’s not just because it’s the neighborhood Cyrene Seattle calls home. In addition to allowing Cyrene Apartments in Downtown Seattle to provide an unparalleled living experience, this area has become one of the most vibrant and sought-after spots in the Emerald City.

Seattleites and transplants alike find the Waterfront to be the perfect place to live, work, entertain, and be entertained. In fact, the neighborhood is a darling of the local news media and is even featured in a fantastic new video detailing a city in a renaissance.

*Source King 5

Since we’re witnessing a major Waterfront transformation from the “backyard” of our apartments in Downtown Seattle, we’ve got the information you need on the exciting future of the Seattle Waterfront!

What Are the New Changes Coming to the Seattle Waterfront?

Seattle is growing at an astronomical pace. With a booming economy and inviting atmosphere, the City tops several “best places to live” lists. And, as a natural response to all this success, many areas are getting incredible upgrades. Here are just some of the developments happening in and near the Waterfront neighborhood:

  • Creating new public gathering spaces, and walking and biking paths
  • Restoration of Coleman Dock, Seattle’s largest ferry terminal
  • Revamp of the Elliott Bay Seawall
  • Improvement of Pike and Pine, an epicenter of culture and Seattle’s second largest transport hub
  • Addition of new residential developments
  • Removal and replacement of the aging Alaskan Way Viaduct
  • Creation of the new Overlook Walk and Seattle Aquarium Ocean Pavilion

The New Overlook Walk is Key to the Seattle Waterfront?

The new Overlook Walk deserves its own section because it’s a massive undertaking that will better connect Seattleites to the City, community and natural environments around them. Soon, the Waterfront will provide an even more welcoming and open atmosphere through nine acres of new walkways, gathering spaces, plazas, and overlooks with stunning views. There’ll also be direct links from the Waterfront to Pike Place Market and downtown.

The Ocean Pavilion

One major piece of the project is the expansion of the Seattle Aquarium. The Ocean Pavilion is a three-story building design that’ll give the Aquarium a new amphitheater, more exhibit and public spaces, and a rooftop spot for educational activities. The facility will have direct connections to upper portions of the Overlook Walk.

The Land Bridge

Another part of the proposal will erect a new pedestrian bridge between the Market and the Seattle Waterfront. The removal of the Alaskan Way Viaduct has made way for a waterfront boulevard designed to help mitigate the flow of traffic through the downtown area. The bridge will allow pedestrians to safely travel over the boulevard in a beautifully landscaped fashion.

New Places to Eat, Drink, Shop, and Be Merry

Designs also encompass a new structure that’ll include retail space, a café, and canopy-covered seating. The bottom portion will be reserved for stores along the waterfront boulevard while the top portion will be within the Overlook Walk and will house the café. A gorgeous Bluff Walk will also be situated next door to the café space.

As you can see, there’s a whole boatload of awesome improvements coming to an already great neighborhood. (We feel qualified to use nautical puns since we’re on the Seattle Waterfront.) Make sure to check back with us here to keep on top of all the goings-on.

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Are you ready to be a part of something exciting and new? Cyrene Seattle can make it happen! Contact us to learn more about living on the Seattle Waterfront!