We all cherish heading home after a long day at work or a full day out exploring this wonderful city to put our feet up and relax in a space of our own here in Seattle. For those who live in Downtown Seattle, this space is even more cherished because of the hustle and bustle of Downtown living. Here at Cyrene Apartments in the heart of Downtown Seattle, we tried to think of anything and everything we could do to outfit our apartments homes for the ultimate experience of the Emerald City. It’s called thoughtful Living, and it’s the guiding principle that helps determine each and every feature of our apartment homes. So, to ensure that you are getting the absolute most out of your Downtown Seattle Apartment here at Cyrene, here are some helpful apartment tips for maximizing comfort.

1. Use Dual Purpose Furniture


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The rise of minimalism is real and millennials are leading the charge. A fundamental element to living a more righteous and minimalist lifestyle is simplification, and dual purpose furniture accomplishes just that. For those unaware, dual purpose furniture does exactly what it says, serving more than one purpose in your home or apartment. It can be anything from a coffee table that pulls out into a desk, a kitchen table that doubles as a pool table, or a bookcase with a clothes hanger on the side. Implementing this little tip and furniture into home will save space and lead to added comfort as a result.

2. Get creative with storage


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Part of city living is getting creative with storage. Fortunately, at Cyrene Apartments our apartments were designed with this in mind and space should not be an issue. Nevertheless, it is important to maximize space and minimize clutter as much as possible and there are truly some fun and creative ways of doing so. From the classic of storing luggage and bulky items under your bed, to one of our favorites, wall hung storage, there is a fun project for everyone here that will surely help you get the most zen out of your apartment living.

3. Utilize mirrors!



Image from Kitchen Encounters 

An age old trick to make something appear larger than it actually is is by using mirrors. But that is not all they are good for. They can refract light just as well as a light bulb when put in the right location. For instance, try putting a mirror behind the stove and watch as it is now easy to prepare meals because there is more available light. Here at Cyrene Apartments we are fortunate to already have thought of this tip when we were designing our Downtown Seattle Apartments and it is for that reason we put big, beautiful mirrors and lights in all of our homes. Still, the inclusion of an extra mirror or two will really surprise you with how much extra light and space it adds.

4. Get an apartment plant, or three!


Image from Elle Decor

This tip for your apartment is a no brainer! Get some plants for your apartment. They liven the place up. They add an energy to the atmosphere of any apartment and deeper than that, they even make you feel better! There are an endless number of plants you could go with but if you are looking for a recommendation, we would have to go with cactuses. They require virtually no care and are classically beautiful enough to fit into nearly any decor. Head over to your favorite plant store and pick up a plant friend today!

5. Clearly defined personal and common areas!


Now last but not least, we have perhaps one of the most important tips on our list to help maximize comfort in your Seattle apartment. Make sure the space within your apartment is clearly defined and that spaces are distinct from one another. Bedrooms spilling over into the living room spilling over into the kitchen is a fast track to a cluttered and cumbersome home life. If you can, try and create clear delineations between each area of your apartment home.

At Cyrene, we had you and your lifestyle in mind when we were designing our beautiful facilities. It is for that reason that we strove to clearly define the different spaces within your apartment so that you are always in the right mindset when you are at work or play.

Well there you have it! Our list of tips and tricks for maximizing comfort in your Downtown Seattle apartment. Here at Cyrene, we understand that life in the city is fast-paced, and we understand that you have to fill all those shoes as well. It is for that reason that we designed our state-of-the-art 16 story facility with all that in mind. The list above can provide some really valuable insight into how to maximize space in your Seattle apartment and we hope you take some of these and get creative to truly turn your apartment into your own, beautiful home. We look forward to hearing what you come up with!

If want to be a part of the growing and amazing community of residents here at Cyrene Apartments in Downtown Seattle, contact us today!