As one of the premier Pioneer Square apartments in Downtown Seattle, we at Cyrene are at the forefront of all things Emerald City. A major project that has been on our radar for quite some time (mostly because we can see if from our building) is the revitalization of the Waterfront. The ambitious, multi-year plan includes the redevelopment, enhancement, and beautification of 26 historic blocks in Downtown Seattle’s iconic Waterfront. The overall vision is to reclaim this essential public asset for the people of Seattle and make it a modern center of culture, commerce, and connectivity.

Seattleites will immensely benefit from this vital transformation. We’ve been fortunate enough to witness the progress of the Waterfront project from our Downtown Seattle apartments, and we can tell you that it’s incredible. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that the Waterfront renaissance is well on its way! Here is a breakdown of what’s going on.

The Seawall Project

The Seawall Project Seattle

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The original Elliott Bay seawall served Seattle for over seven decades and years of weather, and wear and tear rendered it weak and unsafe. This year, the City completed several major improvements that included constructing a new seismically stable seawall with a 75-year life and generating more space for marine habitat.

Pier 62 Rebuild

Pier 62 a mile from Cyrene’s luxury apartments in Seattle

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Pier 62, which is under a mile from Cyrene’s luxury apartments in Seattle, will soon be one of the hottest spots in the City. A rebuild project is underway and its purpose is twofold — to improve a public space and create a supportive environment for marine habitat. The plan includes several aspects:

  • Replacing old wood piles with durable steel piles
  • Adding habitat-friendly features
  • Developing a public area for walking, relaxing, hosting performances, and enjoying sweeping views of the Olympic Mountains, City skyline, and Elliott Bay
  • Building a new floating dock to accommodate the Salmon Homecoming and access to short-term moorage
  • Installing a public art display

Big Bertha Is All Done

Big Bertha apartments in Downtown Seattle

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After four years and some pitfalls, the world’s largest boring machine did what she was born to do. This past April, Seattleites celebrated Big Bertha’s completion of a two-mile tunnel that will house the new, double-decked State Route 99. We’re ecstatic that it’s going to not only improve traffic, but also the aesthetic of the area near our apartments in Downtown Seattle.  Workers are currently in the process of preparing the space for the hundreds of thousands of drivers that will begin traveling through the tunnel in early 2019.

The Viaduct Project

The Viaduct Project right in front of Cyrene’s luxury apartments in Downtown Seattle

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The Alaskan Way Viaduct is an elevated portion of highway 99 that will be replaced by the new tunnel. It runs along the Waterfront, right in front of Cyrene’s luxury apartments in Downtown Seattle, so you can imagine why we’re a little excited to see it go. The Viaduct was damaged during the Nisqually earthquake of 2001. While repairs and patches were done, many still had concerns over integrity and safety. For that reason, the process to demolish and replace the aging structure began. Currently, just the southern portion of the Viaduct is removed; however, the rest is on schedule to be torn down by 2019 to make way for a new surface street.

It’s certainly an exciting time in the heart of the Emerald City, and there’s nowhere else we’d rather be!

The Waterfront transformation is going to make the already exceptional Cyrene experience even better. Our Downtown Seattle apartments foster elegance and comfort and provide access to best aspects of urban living. We feature high-end amenities that keep residents healthy, entertained, and connected to a thriving city and vibrant culture. Moreover, our capacious apartment homes showcase modern designs and finishes that perfectly complement any individual style.

No matter who you are or what your background is, you belong at Cyrene. Connect with us to learn more about the most sought-after waterfront apartments in Seattle!