One of Seattle’s most beloved Summer time events is back again! Seafair 2017 promises to be all the fun and excitement that Seattleites have come to know and love! If you’re new to Seattle, you need a quick refresher, or you’ve been living under a rock since you moved to the Emerald City, let us break it down for you. Here is Cyrene’s full guide to Seafair 2017!

What is Seafair?

Ok, let’s start with the basics. Seafair is a pacific Northwest tradition that originally started back in 1950, although the summer celebration’s roots can be traced back to Seattle’s Golden Potlatch Celebrations, which took place as early as 1911 in the Emerald City. It’s a summer long celebration of all things Seattle, and there are a ton of events, parades, celebrations, and opportunities for fun and excitement.

Safeway/ Albertsons Milk Carton Derby

Seafair is technically a summer long festival that begins in mid-june, but many consider the Pirates Milk Carton Derby to be the official kick off, and it’s happening on July 15th!

Pirates Milk Carton Derby

*Image from Seafair’s Webiste

Since 1972, this off-kilter celebration of craftsmanship takes the form a boat race, wherein participants build and race boats that are entirely constructed of, you guessed it, Milk Cartons. It’s a fun filled time for the whole family that takes place on Green Lake. Aside from the race, there’s a ton of interactive exhibits, food vendors, Seafair personalities, and more! Kick of Seafair in style at the Pirates Milk Carton Derby.

The Seafair Triathlon

The Seafair Triathlon With Cyrene

*Image from Seafair’s website

The Seafair Triathlon is coming up later this month on Sunday July 23rd! The Seafair triathlon was voted the Pacific Northwest’s best triathlon and it’s Seattle’s Only olympic Distance course. There’s both an adult triathlon and a kids triathlon, with different courses for varying levels of availability:

Adult Seafair 2017 Triathlon courses:

  • Olympic Challenge Course: 1-mile swim, 20-mile bike, 10K run.
  • Olympic Duathlon Course: 20-mile bike, 10K run.
  • Sprint Course: half-mile swim, 12-mile bike, 5K run.
  • Relay Teams: 2-person and 3-person.
    • Minimum age for participation in the adult triathlon is 13.

Kids Seafair 2017 Triathlon courses:

  • Kids Beginner Course: 50 yard swim, 1-mile bike, .2 mile run.
  • Kids Intermediate Course: 100 yard swim, 2-mile bike, half-mile run.
    • Minimum age for participation in the kid’s triathlon is 6.
    • The swim course is knee to waist deep water so kids can stand up if necessary, however, intermediate course participants may need to swim.

Torchlight Night

Torchlight night is definitely one of the biggest events that takes place as a part of the Seafair celebrations. Traditionally known as Seafair’s grand finale, and it’s final send-off for the year, in recent years the parade has been moved in Seafair’s overall schedule to accommodate other events and festivities. Starting in the evening, right around dusk, participants are encouraged to include light and luminescent features in their displays. This is the 68th annual year of Seafair’s torchlight parade!

Seafair’s torchlight parade Seattle

*Image from Wikipedia

The parade starts near Seattle center and winds along 4th avenue, right past Cyrene’s waterfront apartments, down to Centurylink Field, covering an overall distance of around 2.5 miles. Each year the parade draws a couple hundred thousand people, and it’s certainly the largest downtown celebration to take place in the Emerald City each year.

Seafar 2017 Torchlight Run

The Torchlight run Seafair 2017 With Cyrene

*image from Seafair’s Website

The Torchlight run is back after taking last year off, which many Seafair fans are quite please about. The Torchlight run is one of Seafair’s long standing traditions, and runners from all over Washington, and even from out of state, come to take part. The Torchlight run presents a unique opportunity to run along a parade route with thousands of people cheering for you! This year is particularly special, as it’s the last time participants will be able to run along the waterfront viaduct, which is soon to be demolished.

Seafair Weekend 2017 August 4-6th!

All of the Summer’s festivities lead up to one amazing weekend that truly embodies the spirit of Seafair: Seafair Weekend! When most Seattleites think of Seafair this is where their mind immediately jumps to. Dubbed by some as an unofficial Seattle holiday, the entire weekend is filled with incredible sights, sounds, and opportunities to make some serious memories.

Seafair 2017 Airshow

Seafair 2017 Airshow Washington

The best place to take part in the festivities is Genesee Park on Lake Washington. There you’ll have a front row seat to the live music, and Seafair’s famed Boeing air show, which features the Navy’s Blue Angels who will performing an FA18 demonstration. Blue Angels kick off each day of Seafair weekend at 1:40pm! So, if you’re out running errands or you’re busy at work and you hear a screaming jet overhead, don’t worry it’s just the Navy! Aside the from the Blue Angels, there are also demonstrations from all sorts of aircrafts of varying sizes. For a full schedule of the Seafair 2017 airshow, go here.

Water/Land Schedule for Seafair 2017

The air show isn’t the only noteworthy demonstration taking place over Seafair weekend. There’s also a ton of watercraft demonstrations as well, including the Hyperlite Seafair Wakeboard experience, which features Wakeboard pros performing impressive stunts and aerial maneuvers for the enjoyment of the crowd.

Hyperlite Seafair Wakeboard Seafair 2017 With Cyrene

*image from Seafair’s Website

Plus, there’s also various hydroplane demonstrations, including Grand Prix World Hydroplane Testing, as well as a vintage Hydroplane Exhibition, and H1 Unlimited Hydroplane Qualifying. If you like boats and you like going fast, these are parts of Seafair 2017 that you’re not going to want to miss. For the full schedule of all Water/Land events, go here.

That’s really Seafair 2017 in a nutshell, but really there is so much more to experience and enjoy than we could ever cover here. Seafair is a not-for-profit festival that’s in it’s 68th year, it spands ten weeks, and touches more than two million people through its 75+ events. There’s truly something for everyone, and if you’re interested in finding out more about Seafair 2017, we encourage you to visit their site.

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