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At Cyrene, we’re dedicated to sharing our love and appreciation for all things Seattle with as many folks as possible. That’s why we’ve designed our Seattle Waterfront Apartments in the way that we have. Fantastic Waterfront apartment homes, with fantastic amenities in one of the most promising neighborhoods in the entire city, the Waterfront, which is currently undergoing some really exciting changes!  

But more than just providing a great place to live, we also want to provide a great experience, and that ranges from events in the area, to restaurants, inside scoops on life in Seattle, things to do on the waterfront – you name it!

Well, there’s one way that Seattle has a leg up on almost every single city across the country. Almost every neighborhood in this town has monthly art walks where local professional artists showcase some of their amazing work. Seattle Art Walks are a great way to get out and interact with those in your neighborhood. We’re in March right now and it’s still a little cold and rainy, but soon enough the weather will turn for the better, and trust us, there’s nothing quite like strolling through pioneer square only those long and luminous Seattle summer evenings.

The Pioneer Square First Thursday Art Walk

The Pioneer Square First Thursday Art Walk

Just as Seattle has a leg up on other cities with it’s amazing monthly art walks, the First Thursday at Pioneer Square has a leg up on the monthly outings from other neighborhoods in the city. That’s because Pioneer Square with its tall trees and large brick squares is so picturesque, it seems like it was designed for art walks. Plus, rather than having local professionals display their works, Pioneer Square has a number of galleries that throw their doors open to display their new artists and works.

Plus, did you know that the Pioneer Square Art Walk is the first Artwalk in the entire USA! It’s true! It dates back to 1981, and since it’s inception it’s inspired countless other art walks all over the country – fitting for a neighborhood named for those who lived on the frontier!

The Galleries

The great thing about the galleries is that they’re open all the time, so if you can’t make the first thursday, but you know there’s an exhibition you want to see, you can do so anytime!  Really there are too many galleries in Pioneer Square for us to list here. For a full list of the galleries and what their showing go here.

The History

The History of Seattle Art Walk

Pioneer Square has quite the storied history, with Duwamish inhabitants dating back before the 1800s! Known as Seattle’s Original neighborhood, technically Pioneer Square as we know it dates back to 1852. Of course, this incredible community has experienced many changes over the course of history – everything from monumental natural disasters, to the Gold Rush, to political uprisings, to urban renewals, the pioneers, and a total mix of demographics and businesses. Nowadays, more than almost any other neighborhood in Seattle, pioneer square proudly features the perfect balance of old coexisting with new. And there’s a ton to do, from nightlife, to fantastic restaurants, incredible shopping, and of course art. It’s all here, ready and waiting for you to enjoy.

More from Pioneer Square

More from Pioneer Square Art Walk Seattle WA

As a neighborhood, Pioneer Square has so much more to offer than just the First thursday art walks. The neighborhood association does an incredible job of organizing community events for people from all over Seattle to enjoy. There’s a ton of public art, they do collective marches from the square to the stadium for Sounders Games, Paul Allen’s famed new Seattle Music festival Upstream will be making its debut in Pioneer Square later this year. There is truly a ton of stuff to do in this part of the Emerald City, and stay tuned because Cyrene is going to be filling you in on the action.

At Cyrene, we provide more than just incredible Apartments on the Seattle Waterfront. We provide a place from which you can experience the absolute best of what the Emerald City has to offer, and trust us, this city offers quite a lot of excitement.

If you’re interested in joining our community and experiencing the best of Seattle has to offer from the perspective of its most exciting neighborhood, get in touch today!