Seattle is known as a foodie paradise and it’s not just because there are a ton of amazing restaurants all over the City. Buying high-quality, local food is a big deal to Pacific Northwesterners and fortunately for Seattleites, there are a plethora of community markets that specialize in providing top-notch products and ingredients. If you consider yourself a gourmand, home chef, or just a locavore, you’ll be happy to know that Seattle’s Waterfront is well-outfitted for your tastes. Below are some of the best spots near Cyrene Apartments to check out.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Maret for Grocery Shopping on Seattle’s Waterfront

*image from Pike Place’s website

Of course, we must begin with the most famous of the Seattle markets. The vendors of Pike Place have been serving the Emerald City for over 100 years. Local farmers, fishmongers, and artisans occupy the hundreds of stalls and spaces within the beloved Market. It’s also worth noting that Pike Place became even better with a renovation project that added additional vendor stalls and spaces for admiring stunning Puget Sound views.

Frank’s Quality Produce

*image from Wikipedia

Located within Pike Place Market is Frank’s Quality Produce stand which is owned and operated by the Genzale family. Not only does the general public regularly patronize Frank’s for grocery shopping on Seattle’s Waterfront, but also many local restaurateurs utilize Frank’s farm-fresh fruits and vegetables for their culinary creations.

Kress IGA Supermarket

Kress Supermarket Seattle WA

*image from Kress’ Facebook

Locally-owned Kress IGA is known for friendly staff and decent prices. It’s a favorite for those who need to get in and out quickly. Many downtowners frequent the hot foods and salad bar, but that doesn’t mean the raw produce and deli are to be ignored.

West Edge Market

West Edge Market for Grocery Shopping on Seattle’s Waterfront

*image from West Edge’s Yelp Page

More of a quick stop for the bare essentials, West Edge Market is certainly great for grabbing what you need to cook an awesome meal at home, but that’s not all that’s here. Many Seattleites are totally in love with the fresh sandwiches. Plus, you can sit and eat your food in the store. So, if you happen to work up an appetite while you’re doing your grocery shopping on Seattle’s Waterfront, you can take some time out to refuel at West Edge.

Cone & Steiner

Cone & Steiner near Seattle Waterfront Apartments

*image from Cone and Steiner’s instagram

It’s true that Cone & Steiner is more of a convenience store, but you won’t believe it once you see what’s inside (and outside). From fresh flowers and produce to sandwiches and ice cream by the scoop, there’s no shortage of cool local items to choose from. These guys have been serving the Downtown Seattle community for more than 100 years, so you know they’re doing something right.

PCC, the Ultimate Seattle Market, Is Coming Soon!

PCC, the Ultimate Seattle Market

*image from PCC’s Facebook page

According to a recently published article from the Seattle Times, Seattle’s favorite regional grocery chain is coming to the downtown area! We couldn’t be more excited since this soon-to-be top spot for grocery shopping on Seattle’s Waterfront is going to be just about 5 minutes from Cyrene. Almost everyone and their mother has visited a PCC for the best selection of organic foods, products, and fresh meals. The upcoming arrival of PCC to the ground floor of the new Rainier Square tower is even more evidence that Downtown Seattle truly is a thriving neighborhood that’s an ideal home for everyone.

Cyrene Apartments is extremely proud to be a part of the downtown neighborhood. Our goal is to complement an incredible location with an incredible living experience. The Cyrene community showcases high-end features that are purposeful and meant to elevate any kind of Seattle lifestyle:

  • Three separate lounge areas for working, relaxing, or hanging out with friends
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  • A rooftop terrace featuring cabanas, breathtaking Sound and mountain views, BBQs, heaters, fireplaces, and a dog run
  • State-of-the-art fitness center and yoga studio
  • Bike storage
  • Parking that’s available for purchase
  • Spacious and impeccably designed apartments that are both modern and comfortable

Do you want to join the Cyrene family and be in a spectacular home that includes phenomenal experiences like the best grocery shopping on Seattle’s Waterfront? Drop us a line to learn more!