Whew – spring is almost here! It’s been quite a winter for the Pacific Northwest! Between the months of rain and the multiple snow days, it almost goes without saying that every Seattleite is ready to get outside and back on the hiking trails. It’s been way too long, and we’re all due for a gorgeous day for exploring the beautiful landscapes in and around Seattle. So, to help you get prepared for your next outing, we’re sharing the best hikes near Seattle, all of which are less than an hour drive from Cyrene.

Rattlesnake Ledge

Some hikes are only accessible by way of a pass, but Rattlesnake Ledge is not one of them! If you’re lucky enough to live at Cyrene’s Seattle waterfront apartments, you’ll be pleased to hear that this well-maintained trail is just a 30-minute drive east. It is also very do-able for novices and kids since it’s only a 4-mile round trip hike, which is one reason many people consider this to be one of the best hikes near Seattle. We suggest starting from the gate off of the parking lot on the southeast side of Rattlesnake Lake. The trailhead is just a quarter-mile from here. As you make your way through forestry, you’ll be able to appreciate the views of Mount Si and Mount Washington, as well as Rattlesnake Lake and Chester Morse Lake.

Bandera Mountain

Make sure you have a Northwest Forest Pass before heading over to Bandera Mountain! Take the Ira Spring Trail for a fun challenge – it starts out relatively easy, and then a steeper climb begins about a mile and a half in. After another 1.25 miles, you’ll hit the switchbacks and eventually another steep, somewhat rocky climb to Little Bandera. This section is what makes Bandera one of the best hikes near Seattle. Here, you can stop and check out the stunning views of Mount Rainier and various other peaks. If you decide to go on to the summit, be ready for a tough path and an awesome sense of accomplishment.

Melakwa Lake

Within the Snoqualmie National Forest is Melakwa Lake, which is accessible by the Denny Creek Trail. This is another hike that requires a Northwest Forest Pass. This is a very pleasant hike that is about 9 miles total. This trail offers magnificent views of Denny Creek and it’s waterfall. When you get about a mile into it, you’ll come to see why so many people keep this spot at top of their lists for the best hikes near Seattle – the natural water slide. If you feel so inclined, go ahead and take a quick dip! From there, you’ll travel about a quarter of a mile to the Keekwulee Falls. The next few miles to the lake are a moderate trek, with the steepest part happening during the last 25 minutes of the hike. But, don’t feel overwhelmed – it’s really not too difficult to deal with, and the still water of Melakwa Lake definitely makes it worth it.

Mount Si

If you live in Seattle, you’re just 45 minutes away from Mount Si, a great, moderate hike that features amazing views of Mt. Rainier, Bellevue and Seattle. This is a very popular trail that’s great for getting in a nice workout, since you’ll be ascending for much of the trip. In fact, the switchbacks happen almost immediately and you’ll gain over 3,000 feet in about 4 miles. Even if it’s a gray and rainy day, you should still check out Mount Si. It’s nice and close, it’s not too tough, and it’s great for immersing yourself in nature without having too far–definitely one of the best hikes in Seattle!

Annette Lake

There is definitely no shortage of things to look at when you’re on your way to Annette Lake. On the journey, which begins right near the Asahel Curtis Nature Trail, you’ll come across lake and mountain views, bridges, wildflowers, waterfalls and streams. This is another moderate hike that’s a total of about a 7.5-mile excursion. Also, you can do a bit of fishing once you get to the water. And, just remember – if you plan to have your dog in tow, make sure that the pup is leashed at all times.

Granite Mountain

You may have noticed that most of the best hikes near Seattle are pretty modest and don’t take a large amount of skill to conquer. While Granite Mountain is not off limits to the novice hiker, it is definitely more advanced. Your trek will start at the Pratt Lake trailhead. A few miles in, you will notice the trail is narrowing and becoming rockier. Once you hit the switchbacks, you’re about a mile out from the lookout cabin at the top. Try to push on to the end, because you’ll get breathtaking views of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Daniel, Mt. Baker and Glacier Peak. As a quick note – be very careful in early spring. When snow is present, there is avalanche risk.

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