Seattle certainly has a rich and amazing history. For well over a century, the Emerald City has been drawing its life and inspiration from the Pacific and Puget Sound, and nowhere is this more evident than in the downtown waterfront neighborhood. This area is at the forefront of Seattle’s development and revitalization. And, if history is any indication of what the future holds, there is much more to come. Here’s 7 things you might not have known about Seattle’s Waterfront.

1. It Used to Be Home to Natives

The Waterfront played an intricate role in the birth of the City. The first known inhabitants of Seattle’s Waterfront were indigenous people that had been in the area long before any settler had come and developed it. The area was known to the Duwamish as “Little Crossing Over Place” and was home to Chief Seattle who headed up both the Duwamish and Suquamish tribes. All in all, Seattle’s Waterfront has a rich cultural history that goes back hundreds of years, and it’s worth learning about.

2. It Was Practically Destroyed in the Great Seattle Fire

Great Seattle Fire

In 1889, the area that is near where Cyrene’s Seattle waterfront apartments are now was almost completely obliterated. In 1889, a woodworker who was boiling glue accidentally started a fire in his shop – what started small became huge as the fire swept through the business district and destroyed 25 blocks. The tragedy which has since been known as the Great Seattle Fire. What’s interesting is that it did give the city the chance to rebuild and improve – the Waterfront was completely remade and the city streets were elevated 22 feet! To this day, the underground remnants of the old city that remains below are a popular tourist attraction.

3. It’s the Centerpiece for Much of Seattle’s History and Development From the Late 1800s Into the 1900s

In addition to the post-fire rebuild, other innovations helped make the late 1800s a pivotal time for the Emerald City and Seattle’s Waterfront, in particular. When a coalfield was discovered, a railroad was constructed along with additional Pioneer Square piers. A major boost in population ensued. Then, in 1897, the Klondike Gold Rush put Seattle on the map as a player in trade and solidified its identity as a major, modern city.

4. It Has Served as One of Seattle’s Main Tourist Attractions Since the 1960s!

the Seattle Great Wheel

After a pretty severe decline in the early 20th century, the neighborhood in which our Seattle waterfront apartments now stand became a thriving tourist destination.  Since then, each year millions of people make their way to the area to shop, dine and visit attractions such as Pike Place Market, ship tours, the Seattle Great Wheel, and the Aquarium and ferry terminals.

5. It’s Home to the Seattle Aquarium!

Seattle Aquarium

First opened in 1977, the Seattle Aquarium is a true treasure of the Seattle Waterfront. One of the most popular attractions on the water, the Seattle Aquarium boasts nearly 1 million visitors each and every year. The Aquarium is mainly focused on conservation and the environmental impact people have on the Oceans and Beaches. They have a number of exhibits, which together provide a truly comprehensive look at Marine Life in the Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean at large.

6. It’s a Well-Monitored Habitat for Salmon and Other Wildlife

Seattle salmon

Protecting the environment is a huge deal in Emerald City, and preserving the water near Cyrene’s Seattle waterfront apartments is a part of this effort. In this regard, the Elliott Bay Seawall Project works to maintain an optimal habitat for young salmonids as they migrate and travel along the central waterfront. This helps the salmonids avoid predators and increase their numbers, which is essential to the ecosystem.

7. It Has an Incredibly Exciting Future

Seattle has worked hard to become one of the most desirable cities in America. But, this doesn’t mean it’s time to take a break. The City continues to be inventive in finding ways to grow the economy. This includes the reconstruction of the Alaskan Way Viaduct and SR 99 tunnel, which are both vital commute routes. Also, after 40 renovation-less years, Pike Place Market is growing with the construction of a connection between downtown and the waterfront. And, the central waterfront is getting some TLC from the Friends of the Waterfront Seattle. They strive to make the waterfront a cultural hub by developing parks, piers and other public spaces.
As you can see, the waterfront is a vibrant neighborhood that is constantly changing and expanding. That’s why we established the Cyrene Apartments community. All our amenities are well appointed and indicative of the modern needs of residents. We want you to feel like you are growing with the city you live in. Three contemporary lounges and a rooftop clubroom are ideal for relaxing, working, entertaining or getting to know neighbors. Our fitness center and yoga studio encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. And, we have rooftop terraces that provide gorgeous scenery and a way to appreciate nature.

You’d be hard-pressed to find other Pioneer Square apartments in Seattle that work for residents like Cyrene does! Get in touch to find out about more our Seattle waterfront apartments!