Welcome to Cyrene Apartments and welcome to the Seattle Waterfront! If you’re new to the area, or you’re otherwise unfamiliar, you should know that the Waterfront in Downtown Seattle is the hub for some of Seattle’s most popular attractions! Whatever you’re looking to experience in Seattle, this is certainly the best place for it, and us merrymakers at Cyrene Apartments are ready to dish on which Seattle Waterfront attractions you don’t want to miss.

Here’s just some of the fun to be had on Seattle’s Waterfront:

A Day-Trip Ferry Ride!

The Seattle Waterfront is home to Pier 52, also known as Colman Dock, a well-used Ferry Terminal that dates back to the 1890’s! Colman Dock connects the waterfront to other terminals within the Seattle Metro Area, as well as further terminals within the Washington State Ferry System. From here, you can get to Pt. Defiance in Tacoma, Edmonds, and West Seattle, just across the water.

For a day trip Ferry Ride from Seattle’s Waterfront, we recommend Bainbridge Island, Vashon Island, or Port OrchardEach location is close enough for a quick ferry ride, they all afford astounding views both en route and once you arrive, and there’s plenty to do once you get there. Or, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious you can head up to Anacortes and take a ferry over to Orcas Island, or one of the other San Juan Islands. 

Experience Pike Place Market

At Cyrene Apartments, we’re lucky enough to be located right around the corner from Seattle’s premiere attraction: Pike Place Market! If you’ve ever visited Seattle, or even if you’re a local, you’re likely familiar with Pike Place already. Sure, we all know about the flying fish and the massive neon sign, but this iconic Seattle Waterfront market has much more to offer. Even if you think you know the ins and outs of the market, the vendors change so frequently that there’s always something new to experience. There’s locally caught Seafood, a ton of local handmade goods, flower stands galore, and all sorts of delectable foods from both near and far. Plus, there’s the historic Starbucks store, which pays tribute to the very first Starbucks, which was in fact located in Pike’s Place. Rachel’s Ginger Beer, and a ton of other fantastic places to grab a bite or take a sip.

Seattle Aquarium

We’d be remiss if didn’t mention the Seattle Aquarium, another gem of Seattle’s Waterfront. The Seattle Aquarium presents an opportunity for folks of all ages to experience the natural beauty that exists just beyond the waterfront. Creatures that originate from the Puget Sound and the greater Pacific Ocean are the focus which gives you an up close and personal look at the marine ecology of the Pacific Northwest.

Highlights include:

The Great Wheel

Over the last few years, Seattle’s Great Wheel has become synonymous with the Seattle Waterfront. Located on Pier 57, the Great Wheel gleams with such intensity at night that it almost rivals the Space Needle for the most recognizable Seattle Icon. The Great Wheel is truly special because it provides breathtaking views of West Seattle, Mt. Rainier, Downtown Seattle, and Elliott Bay which, unless you have a place at Cyrene Apartments, you wouldn’t normally be privy to. All in all, The Great Wheel stretches 175 feet above the Pier, and 40 feet out over the water, so if you’re a little squeamish when it comes to heights, you might want to forgo this one.

Myrtle Edwards Park

Between the Great Wheel, the Ferry Rides, and Cyrene Apartments of course, Seattle’s Waterfront provides some of the best views of the Sound in all of Seattle. Myrtle Edwards park, at the northernmost end of the Seattle Waterfront, is no different. Known as a ‘good ole-fashioned city park,’ Myrtle Edwards features a 1.25 mile walking and bike path that winds its way through the park, with benches and picnic tables, plenty of open space, and sandy beaches where you can dip your toes into the sound. Careful though, it can be quite chilly!

Myrtle Edwards is also great because it has a few convenient bike path connections to Magnolia, and it’s quite easy to get to from Cyrene Apartments. If you’re looking for a place to jog or bike where you can take in a truly breath taking view of the Olympics or Puget Sound, you know where to go.

The Shopping

Seattle’s Waterfront is also widely known for it’s unbeatable shopping. Between Pike Place, and the plethora of Souvenir Shops peppered along the entire Waterfront, there’s no better place in all of Seattle to pick up your Seattle-themed tchotchkes. But beyond that, the Waterfront and the Downtown area nearby are home to some of the best upscale shopping in town, including:

All are comfortably close to Cyrene Apartments, which means your inner shopaholic is sure to feel at home, and with the Waterfront and Pike Place right there, you’ve got easy access to Seattle kitsch when your relatives come to visit. For more shopping highlights from the Seattle Waterfront, check back on our blogs in the next couple of weeks.

Scenic Cruises

If you’d welcome the chance for a waterborne adventure but a day trip on a Seattle Ferry isn’t quite your style you should look into some of the Scenic Cruises and Boat Tours available on the Seattle Waterfront. You can take charter cruises that offer scenic day tours, whale watching, dinner cruises, and private charters.

  • Argosy Cruises

    • Argosy offers a ton of short scenic tours that depart from Pier 56 on the Waterfront. You can tour the nearby harbor, pass through the Ballard locks to explore lake union, or head over to Tilicum Village on Blake Island, which includes a traditional Salmon Bake Dinner.
  • Emerald City Charters

    • Emerald City Charters offers 1 and a half hour day tours and 2 and a half hour sunset cruises, each of which are aboard large sailing yachts. If you’re looking to cruise the Puget Sound in style, this is who you should ride with.
  • Victoria Clipper

    • Known as one the prettiest routes to Victoria and Vancouver BC, the Victoria Clipper also offers Whale Watching cruises around the Puget Sound. The trip includes a few hours of whale watching, a trip to langley, lunch, and shopping all before you make your way back to Seattle in the afternoon.

At Cyrene Apartments, we’re dedicated to sharing the best of Downtown Seattle and the Waterfront with as many as possible. At Cyrene, you’ll have access to the most memorable of Seattle experiences, all right around the corner from you. Sure, you may not want to visit the aquarium or take a ferry ride every weekend, but you really haven’t experience the Emerald City in all it’s glory until you do these things at least once. Plus, now you’ve got 7 unbeatable Seattle Waterfront activities ready to go when your relatives come and visit!

If you’re interested in joining the community at Cyrene and experiencing the best that Seattle has to offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch!